roadside assistance

Damage to your car or window? Cannot continue your journey?

Inform Arval of the damage to your car

Always report damage to Arval as quickly as possible. This is possible in the My Arval, by e-mail via or by telephone.

Depending on the situation, select one of the options below and find out what you need to do.


  • Cannot continue your journey

    In case of mechanical breakdown or damage due to which you cannot continue your journey, call Arval Driverteam at 8-800-555-22-70

    We will contact roadside assistance services, arrange a replacement car (if included in your contract), and will organize repair of the car. 

  • Damage with a 3rd party involved


    In case there is a another party involved in the damage, jointly fill in the European Accident Statement (EAS) check-list or use

    You can go for eas in the following cases:

    • When only two vehicles are involved.
    • When both drivers have an OSAGO policy.
    • No damage inflicted on people (accident affected only vehicles).
    • Total amount of loss is within 100K rubles’ range for all regions*. If loss equals a higher amount, the user pays all charges above the established level.
    • Participants to the accident have no dispute regarding circumstances of the event, its nature and a list of visible damage.

    * Information is relevant on June 2,2021. More detais on EAS are available the web-site of the Bank of Russia.

    In other cases, call the police right away and report the accident via any of the following phone numbers:

    • 02 — from the landline phone;
    • 112 or 911 — from a mobile phone

    Report the accident to Arval by calling to: 8 (800) 555-22-70
    (24/7) or by email

    Make pictures of the situation, this can avoid discussions afterwards.  

    Arval will contact you for the repair of the car – if necessary.

  • Damage to your car (no 3rd party)

    Use MyArval to declare the damage to Arval. 

    Alternatively call Arval (contact details below) or send an email to

    In case of vandalism, burglary, or damage where the other party is unknown, register contact details of witnesses and make pictures of the situation. Arval will contact you for the repair of the car – if necessary.

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