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Why Arval : a trusted partner

Founded in 1989 and fully owned by BNP Paribas, Arval specialises in full-service vehicle leasing. Arval offers its customers tailored solutions that optimise their employees’ mobility and allow the outsourcing of the risks associated with fleet management. We make sure that expert advice and high quality service are delivered in 29 countries by more than 7,000 employees. Arval’s total leased fleet adds up to 1, 381, 555 vehicles throughout the world (December 2020).


    Expertise and care 

    Arval account teams are experienced in your sector and dedicated to helping you. 

    Specialised in leasing

    As a group, we provide global expertise added to 'local company' levels of customer care so as to turn fleet management from a burden to a valuable strategic asset. 

    Tailored solutions

    To simplify your fleet management. The drive to optimise TCO makes outsourcing fleet services a sensible business decision. With over 30 years of experience and world class services, we bring efficiency and savings to your fleet and your bottom line.

    Client satisfaction

    Every relationship is grounded in a deep understanding of your needs, and a commitment to quality. Our Account Team structure gives you dedicated experts; you always know who to contact, receive continuity of care and a measurably high quality fleet service.

Mobility services

Mobility services
Mobility services

Arval supports you with the bigger picture of mobility. We understand that it's not just about cars, but about about drivers and the whole ecosystem of transportation, road safety and social responsibility.

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Our Solutions

5 Answers to your key needs
Arval’s core values are care, expertise and simplicity. With this in mind, we deliver a 5-pillar approach to corporate fleet solutions. With Arval, you can delegate your entire fleet management operation to us, including driver communication - this relieves you of a daily burden, freeing up time to focus on your core business. Our team of experts will continually analyse your existing fleet leasing needs and identify the right vehicles and services for your business - whether that's MTR, LTR, or electric vehicles. It's Arval's business to know your business.
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Why Arval?


Wide suppliers' network:

+2000 suppliers from Moscow to Vladivostok

Client support team:

personal manager and Driver Care team 24/7

Quality management system:

we regularly collect and analyze your feedback 

Expertise and Consulting:

the power of a global partner with over 30 years leasing experience