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Our responsibility

Arval, a socially responsible company

At Arval, we are mindful of our economic and social profile and our impact on the environment.

Arval's corporate identity rests on four fundamental pillars: economic responsibility, social responsibility, civic responsibility, and respect for the environment and for the world we live in.

Our economic responsibility

We help our Clients to make the right choices regarding their total cost of ownership (TCO), car sharing, and pool management.


Our social responsibility

Account manager and client

We advise our Clients and help them to draw up a Company Car Policy that is reasonable and fair to both Clients and drivers.


Our civic responsibility

We offer safety training, identify drivers who may be at risk, and ensure that cars are properly maintained and insured.


Our environmental responsibility

Our company is ISO-14001 certified, recommends vehicles based on their CO2 emissions, and offers courses in eco-driving.


Arval regulations



Our compliance with norms and rules is implemented in the following aspects:

  • compliance with all finance and banking rules: legal provisions, regulations, professional and ethical standards, directives of board of directors, procedures approved by Group executive management;
  • protection of Client’s interests and Group reputation.


By signing the United Nations Global Compact (www.unglobalcompact.org) from June 2003 BNP Paribas Group made a commitment concerning implementation, promotion and support for main principles of corporate social responsibility. Codex of corporate social responsibility of BNP Paribas Group suppliers is intended to define procurement guidelines and responsibilities of actual and prospective suppliers of BNP Paribas Group.



Arval is major player on the market of operational leasing. We offer our Clients expert recommendations and service quality which allow not only to outsource risks but also to optimize mobility of employees.

In any aspects of our business we pay special attention to support of responsibility principles based on Group values and shared by all Group employees. These values direct us and develop our corporate culture and reputation. They also connect Arval with Clients, suppliers and partners.

Arval is a dynamic international company providing high quality services. Stable and open communication is based on principles of honesty, respect for others and transparent process of decision-making at all levels and under any circumstances.

Our reputation is based on the professionalism and integrity of our employees. Our corporate values (Commitments, Ambitions, Creativity, Responsibility, Respect) are taken into account in our daily work so we behave appropriately. Arval Code of Conduct determines main rules respected in our company.

Our Code of Conduct is intended to provide each our employee with guidelines of right decision-making in the workplace. It also coordinates our actions and encourages us to put values into practice.

BNPP Code of conduct



All employees as well as all stakeholders willing to inform about any violations of internal standards, legal requirements or code of professional ethics can fill in the appropriate form in our website or send a letter on the following address:

E-mail: compliance@arval.com

Postal address:

Personal/ Confidential

Permanent Control & Compliance Director

22 Rue des 2 Gares

92564 Rueil-Mailmaison


We guarantee confidential information in accordance with the law and internal policy of ethical problems notification. You can inform us anonymously but, please, note that in case of questions we won’t be able to clarify additional details and facts. We will examine carefully all received messages. All proved violations lead to corresponding sanctions.

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