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Why Arval?

Why Arval?

Arval is the most dynamic company on the Russian market. BNP Paribas, parent company of Arval, works in Russia with B2B and has a clear idea about the necessities of this segment. Thus being a part of international bank group Arval has the stable financing which is extremely important in a current economic situation.

Branch network simplifies control for the fleet all over Russia. Arval has a well-established link with more than 1000 suppliers which are both large and local dealer networks. Arval cooperates with all vehicle manufacturers offering models in accordance with Your necessities and internal policies.

Arval is an expert in area of fleet management; consulting is one of Arval strengths. Comparison of different vehicle models within one class, recommendations, development of corporate car policies – Arval company is ready to share knowledge and to support Your business in mobility questions.

Advantages of Arval:

  • Arval has stable financing being 100% subsidiary of BNP Paribas Group;
  • Arval provides clear solutions to the Clients;
  • Arval manages well-established network of representative offices all over Russia;
  • Arval has a unique concept of fleet management: dedicated account team of specialists (on delivery, insurance, registration etc.) manages your fleet;
  • Arval prepares for you detailed recommendations on the basis of year costs ratio.