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Sales and leaseback

Leaseback is a type of leasing according to which seller acts simultaneously as a lessee within one leasing agreement.

Thus deal participants are two organizations:

  1.      Your company is selling the fleet;

  2.      Leasing company is acquiring your fleet and passing it to you in the operating leasing.

In which cases your company needs a leaseback?

There are three basic situations when leaseback is suitable:

  •    If you want quickly and easily change financing model to the operational leasing;

  •    If you want to increase efficiency of your internal processes;

  •    If you need resources for investing in your business but not in fleet management.

Exactly in these situations the leaseback will become an optimal decision.

Arval suggests you to use this service that has a number of benefits:

  1.    You continue to use your fleet, only owner is changed;

  2.    You can invest money in business development for activity expansion (for example, acquisition of modern facilities or expansion of branch network) or for current activity financing;

  3.    You equalize your balance by the fleet sale on a market value;

  4.    Your company gets complete project and consulting support.

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