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About BNP Paribas

About BNP Paribas Group

BNP PARIBAS BANK in Russia was founded in 2002. Bank initially concentrated on energy and commodity sectors and than extended considerably the line of the bank products and Clients list.

Today BNP Paribas Russia offers a wide range of corporate and investment bank services to the large and middle size companies both in Russia and abroad.

The long-term credit rating of “BNP PARIBA BANK” JSC is at the level ВВ+ confirmed by Standard & Poors. It mentions the bank next to the strongest Russian banks possessing highest credit rating and is limited only by sovereign Russia rating.

“BNP PARIBAS BANK” activities include:

  • corporate bank service management;
  • bank services in maintenance of financial streams;
  • corporate loans and deposits;
  • commercial services;
  • money streams and liquidity management;
  • trade finance;
  • operations at the currency market, at the market of financial instruments with the fixed profitability, operations with derivative financial instruments, services on leverage markets;
  • bank assets management and treasury.

In 2007 BNP Paribas Group continued diversification of activity in Russia starting a project on the consumer loans in sales outlets under the Cetelem brand. In 2012 consumer loans subdivision was restructured and excluded from “BNP PARIBAS BANK” for creation of joint venture with Sberbank in area of POS credit.