End of contract or Buy your car

  • Buy your car

    Can I buy my car?


    That is certainly possible! One month before the contract of your car expires, you can request a purchase price via My Arval. You will then have enough time to indicate to us whether you want to buy the car. The car can of course also be sold to friends, family, neighbors or colleagues.

  • Return your car at end-of-contract

    The return process


    Arriving at the end of your lease-contract the following actions are relevant:


    1) Ensure all damages on your car have been reported; Arval will decide which damages are to be repaired


    2) Check return instructions, also available in MyArval


    3) Make an appoint with either the dealer where you pickup your new car, or with Arval Driverteam to arrange pickup of your car

Why Arval?


Wide suppliers' network:

+2000 suppliers from Moscow to Vladivostok

Client support team:

personal manager and Driver Care team 24/7

Quality management system:

we regularly collect and analyze your feedback 

Expertise and Consulting:

the power of a global partner with over 30 years leasing experience