Vehicle buy and delivery

Vehicle buy and delivery

Operational leasing is a smooth and simple way to manage your corporate fleet. Specialists from the Arval office will help to find the right car and make buy and delivery process as comfortable as possible. 


    Arval will help to find the right car and make the best choice in terms of price and timing — all communications with dealers are held by specialists from the Arval office. You don't need to compile a document package - Arval will register the vehicle on its own. 


    Arval will arrange logistics to any part of Russia. Being fully informed about the vehicle delivery time and tracking the process, you may plan vehicles handover to your employees. The vehicle will be provided to you with a driver kit, full set of keys and documents required. 

    Every user will receive Welcome mail from Arval with key contacts and instructions for Arval services usage.

    Vehicle Delivery Process:

    Vehicle Delivery

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