Full service leasing

Full service leasing

Reduce the workload and your fleet costs: Arval, global expert in full service leasing will care about your corporate fleet and provide daily support to drivers. 

Arval optimizes the process of fleet management so you could focus on your core business. 

Are you thinking of purchasing cars for your corporate, but it seems too risky? Arval shoulders the economic and operational risks. Arval will pay for the entire investment on purchase and lease the cars, post-payment option is included. You pay a fixed monthly amount during the contract. It includes comprehensive range of services: 

Consulting (TCO)
Purchase/ Registration/ Insurance
Driver support
Accident management
Car maintenance and repair
Tire service
Roadside assistance
Fines management
Relief vehicle 
Fuel cards


    Focus on the core business

    Processes optimization

    A one stop shop – 1 invoice

    Wide range of brands

    Employees care

    Users support


    No capital investments

    Easy budget planning and cost control

    Lessor’s purchasing power is reflected in price

    High corporate standards (compliance) 

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Why Arval?


Wide suppliers' network:

+2000 suppliers from Moscow to Vladivostok

Client support team:

personal manager and Driver Care team 24/7

Quality management system:

we regularly collect and analyze your feedback 

Expertise and Consulting:

the power of a global partner with over 30 years leasing experience