Electric vehicle

Electric vehicle

Electric cars are fast becoming an important part of many corporate fleets. Arval offers all-inclusive solutions, which include both expert advice and fleet support, which ensures a smooth transition to electric cars.

Electric cars have unique benefits for your fleet:


Meet your company's goals for its social responsibility with a lower climate footprint.


Lower the cost of maintaining your fleet of electric cars.


Improve your fleet's average fuel economy.


Free parking and assigned parking spaces*.

*in Moscow.


    You would like to move from a fleet of conventional combustion vehicles to a more sustainable fleet made up either partially or entirely of electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles and you have some questions.

    Electric and hybrid vehicle technology has made rapid progress in recent years with an increased range, a growing network of public charging stations, a reduction in charging times and lower prices. This means that, for the first time, many fleets have a a viable alternative to petrol and diesel.


    Our objective is to help you move to a more responsible fleet.

    We offer a complete electric solution.

    As well as the leased electric vehicle and the usual services, it includes:

    • A charging solution at home or at work 
    • A charging card for public networks
    • Automatic reimbursement for home use
    • A mobile app to find charging stations
    • A training course in driving an electric vehicle

    In addition, thanks to our SMaRT approach, you'll get the best combination of energy types for your fleet in accordance with your strategy, your budget constraints and your drivers' profile and satisfaction. In short, a smarter, greener fleet!

    *Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Targets


    1.  A more environmentally-friendly solution: 17 to 30% of CO2 emissions lower than ICE emissions over the entire life cycle of the vehicle.
    2. A  wide range of new models.
    3. A range that is suitable for motorists who drive long distances (300 km to 500 km for some models).
    4. An advantageous total cost of ownership (TCO).
    5. Driving pleasure.
    6. A potential solution for balancing production and consumption.
    7. A public charging infrastructure that is expanding fast.
    8. Better connectivity.
    9. Cutting-edge technology and a responsible trend.

    Trial periods lasting several months can also be arranged to let you try out the experience of electric mobility over the longer term without any penalty in the event of the EV being returned.



    You've made your decision, you're ready to embark upon this new sustainability experience.

    Arval is here to support you and to ensure a smooth and sustainable implementation combining information, training and advice.

    Contact us - we'll be happy to help. 


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